20 Year Anniversary: ‘Meet the Parents’ Still Makes Us Laugh About Family Awkwardness Two Decades Later

Meet the Parents is a timeless comedy that captures the awkwardness inherent in meeting your significant other’s family. The story follows nurse Greg Focker (Ben Stiller), who plans to propose to his live-in girlfriend Pam (Teri Polo) – but first, he must meet her parents. Robert De Niro plays Jack Byrnes, the stern and suspicious ex-CIA patriarch, and Blythe Danner depicts his aloof wife Dina. Over the course of the meet-and-greet weekend, everything that can go wrong does, and some things you can’t even imagine go haywire as well. (Cue missing cat, lie detector test, and a broken nose.)

While Greg contemplates whether his love for Pam is greater than his disdain for Jack (and vice-versa), accidents, injuries, and insults add up. The film also pokes fun at sibling rivalry, gender roles, idealized exes, and air travel. It’s a laugh-a-minute movie that is still relevant to modern relationships even as it celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In honor of this hilarious take on fitting in with a new family, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite GIFs from the film.

Cover Photo: Universal Pictures

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