Topless Woman Seduces Uber Driver While Boyfriend Tries To Rob Him

Photo: Adam Berry (Getty)

A 22-year-old woman from Louisiana named Rayna Fillios, had quite the plan with her boyfriend, 24-year-old  Anthony Kennedy, when she invited an Uber driver over to her home.

It all kicked off when Fillios asked her Uber driver to “come over” after he gave her a ride. The pair exchanged information and before you know it the Uber driver knocked on Fillios’ door. And wouldn’t you know it but Fillios answered the door completely topless. After talking, the unnamed driver attempted to leave as he felt Fillios was teasing him, but this was the moment that Fillios grabbed the driver, kissed him and bit his tongue.

And that was enough of a distraction for Kennedy to appear, pull a knife on the driver and demand money from him.

Photo: Harahan Police Department

The brave driver refused, and this pissed off Kennedy enough for him to punch the driver in the face, knocking out a tooth before fleeing the scene.

Harahan cops were able to use a police dog to track down Kennedy as they found him hiding in a backyard shed like an idiot. Kennedy refused to comply with officers, so the dog attacked him. Kennedy was taken to the hospital soon after.

Cops arrested both Fillios and Kennedy. Fillios is charged with second-degree battery and principal to armed robbery, while her boyfriend is charged with attempted armed robbery, second-degree battery, violation of a protection order and resisting an officer.

Just a match made in heaven if you ask me.

h/t NY Post

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