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10 Perfect Places To Visit Right Now Using Your COVID Vaccine Passport Stamp While the Crowds Are Down

No one knows exactly what the world will look like on the other side of Covid. But we’re pretty sure there’ll still be ice-cold beer and piña coladas when we get there (fingers crossed). Seriously though, it’s a brand new playing field when it comes to the rules of travel. A year of full-blown, pandemic-induced, buzz-killing has left reality as we knew it totally up in the air. But with spring fast approaching, we’re all looking to hit the reset button on life. What better way to do that than by beating the crowds to the punchbowl with a post-quarantine voyage?

It may sound scary to be a pioneer in pandemic tourism while Covid cases are still ebbing and flowing around the globe. We get it. But the proliferation of vaccines has given tourism-reliant countries (and bored couch potatoes) new hope. Here in America, we’re ramping up vaccine distribution with the goal of hitting a million shots a day. Smaller countries like Malta plan to be 70 percent inoculated by May. With this newfound level of confidence at play, dozens of nations are preparing for the Covid vaccine passport that will make crossing borders easier than accessing the peanut butter at the back of your cupboard (and safer than a night in Bangkok).

Although a digital passport is still a ways off (we’re predicting late summer for the beta version) the first giant leaps into reopening the world are happening right now. All you need is a (legit) piece of paper proving you’ve completed both rounds of vaccination, and you could be dancing with a gaggle of Estonian milkmaids this time tomorrow. You know you want to. Hey, no pressure, but here’s a list of ten faraway places that will welcome you with open arms as you boldly test the waters of a brave new world in travel. Good luck and don’t forget to send a postcard!

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