young man and young woman in medical masks kissing while they are in home isolation during coronavirus/COVID-19 quarantine.

Fauci Says 2 Covid-Vaccinated People Can Safely Gather; 1 Guess What They’re Going to Do Together

The end is near. By which we mean: the end of the pandemic. At least, that’s what we keep telling ourselves. Our delusion was recently spurred on by none other than Dr. Fauci, our go-to guy for all things Covid-related. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease gave us the green light to mingle – within reason.

“You can start getting together as individual people, even though the risk is not zero, the risk becomes extremely low when you have both parties vaccinated,” Fauci told CNN’s Chris Cuomo last week.

So, let us get this straight (no pun intended): two vaccinated people, one gathering. The safest place to get together is probably in private. Gee, we wonder what they’re going to do? We sure know what we want our first post-vaccine “activity” to be. We’d like to celebrate our immunity in all its glorious nakedness. We can’t even remember what sex feels like, and we’re probably a little rusty at it, yet we plan on plowing full-speed ahead anyway. No face mask necessary!

But that’s just us. Fauci has other ideas. “My professional judgment is that when my daughter wants to come in here and she is doubly vaccinated, I’m going to have her over to the house, and I’m going to give her a big hug that I haven’t been able to do for a year,” he told CNN.

Aww. That’s so sweet and wholesome. (BTW, are any of your daughters single, Tony?)

Sorry, but hugging our relatives is not even in the top five things we’d like to do when we get our vaccine. (Our first involves the number 69. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) That shot in the arm can’t come soon enough – and neither can we.

Cover Photo: Carol Yepes (Getty Images)

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