Dr. Fauci Proves He’s Just a Regular Dude By Talking Burgers and Beer, Now You’re Speaking Our Language

In the past nine months, Dr. Anthony Fauci has become a divisive figure in America. For the left, he’s a hero who’s worked diligently to ensure the safety of millions while openly battling President Trump. To others, he’s a pawn who’s flip-flopped on safety and just how to handle the ongoing pandemic. Regardless of how you feel about him, it’s safe to say he’s been an important influence in how you handled the ongoing pandemic this year.

Fauci is well known as the leading expert in the field of infectious diseases and will likely have a major role in the new administration. But, in a recent interview, he showed that even with all the stresses, anxiety, and importance of his job, he’s a lot like us.

When the pandemic is finally over, he has specific plans. And no, they’re to travel to Europe or have a giant barbecue with all his friends and family. He has a very simple comfort in mind. One that we can all sympathize with.

In the interview with 94.7 The Wave in Los Angeles, the doctor who became so famous during the COVID-19 outbreak he even got his own bobblehead, discussed a wide variety of topics. But the one we’re most interested in is what exactly he wants to do when the pandemic is over. He simply wants to go into a bar and enjoy a well-made burger and a frosty pint of beer. He told the host that he and his wife haven’t even had much take-out since the early spring and he can’t wait to get back into a restaurant once it’s safe.

“It’s a simple thing, but just to go to a restaurant or to a bar where I get home late at night from work, my wife works here at the NIH with me and we almost every night go home together,” He added, “It’s usually pretty late, I think we’re both kind of in the category of workaholics. And what I used to like a lot was, rather than go home and cook, to just on the way home stop at a favorite small restaurant or a bar and sit there and have a beer and a hamburger or something and just relax.”

Regardless of your views on Fauci, we think we can all empathize with his hope to get a burger and beer sometime soon. It’s the simple things that will make life start to seem normal again. Hopefully, we’ll get there in 2021.

Photo: The Washington Post (Getty Images)

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