Missing Dog Reunited With Owner at Walmart, Awkward Moment When They Realized They’re Both Greeters

If you’re a dog owner, you can only imagine the sadness the comes with a missing pooch. If your dog meanders out an open door or open gate, they might enjoy their freedom for a few minutes. That is until they realize they’re completely lost and alone. You’ll feel lost too as your best friend is now missing. In an attempt to find them, you probably drive around the neighborhood, put up fliers, and hope that they just stroll back into your yard. But you never assume that they’ll wander into your workplace.

This is exactly what happened recently in Alabama. Danielle Robinette’s beloved dog Abby went missing from her backyard. She was missing for three whole weeks before she randomly showed up at Robinette’s job.

The worried woman was working at a checkout lane at her local Walmart when the cavorting canine walked right up to her as if it hadn’t been missing for almost a month. The customer service associate couldn’t believe it when her missing pet walked up to register No. 6. She told local media that she couldn’t believe her eyes. In shock and disbelief, she bent down and hugged the dog.

Over a mile away from her home, she has no idea how the dog found her there. It just goes to show how important the bond between a dog and its owner is. Abby must have spent those weeks looking for her and just happened to walk into the store and find her. We can only assume Robinette will take better precautions to ensure her beloved friend doesn’t get lost again.

Photo: Catherine Falls Commercial

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