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Meanwhile in Florida: Man Loses More Than His Pants in Fight at the Wawa, Nobody Wins in That Scenario

WaWa is a beloved chain of gas stations and convenience stores. Depending on who you talk to in places like southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, there’s no better place to get a submarine sandwich. Apparently, it’s also the perfect place for a middle of the night pants-free battle.

Unsurprisingly, this bare-bottom brawl occurred at a WaWa in Florida. It also occurred at a time of night when the craziest stories always happen: 2 a.m. Luckily, a bystander had the wherewithal to record the whole thing and post it on social media, all while giving the perfect play-by-play.

So, here’s what happened. Two obviously drunk men decided that they needed to grapple in the middle of a convenience store for some reason. It should come as no surprise that these men who think tackling each other resolves their unimportant squabbles are also not wearing masks in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

While the duo was being recorded, one of the fellas in the fracas slowly began to lose his pants. You might assume that he was in his undies. But no. For some reason both his pants and underpants fell down and instead of a bare-knuckle brawl, this was a bare bum battle. One man in a safety vest is seen punching the pant-less man who becomes more nude as the video goes on. Also, the video starts with them already fighting so we have no idea why they’re uncomfortably tackling each other on the floor of a convenience store.

While the brawl itself is fairly entertaining, the best part of the whole video is when the person behind the camera tells the duo to move out of the way so he can buy his sandwich. See, even fighting drunks won’t stop someone from buying a tasty WaWa sub.

Photo: Twitter

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