Trump’s Pathetic Hospital Parade Is a Sad Reminder That Toxic Masculinity Doesn’t Do Sick Days

Toxic masculinity doesn’t take a day off – nor does narcissism. We’ve all questioned President Trump’s sanity over the past four years, but the past four days since his coronavirus diagnosis have confirmed that he is sick in the head.

On Sunday evening, the president hopped into a Chevy Suburban and forced two completely innocent (and likely woefully underpaid) Secret Service agents to drive him around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he is receiving treatment for COVID-19. In an impromptu “parade,” the masked COVID Denier-in-Chief waved to his supporters keeping vigil outside the military hospital as his security detail, decked out in PPE up the wazoo, stared ahead.

Photo: CNN

With this careless stunt, Trump showed the world he is completely incapable of taking care of himself – or staying out of the spotlight. Imagine being so attached to what it means to be a “real man” that you won’t you let yourself recover from COVID-19, currently the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Imagine being convinced that getting sick with a highly contagious disease isn’t a natural consequence of spitting in the face of science but instead a sign of weakness. (And he thought wearing a mask was only for sissies!)

If we could talk to Trump, we’d tell him in the kindest tone possible that falling ill doesn’t mean he’s weak; he’s just human, and therefore, fallible. Take a goddamn weekend off from the shitshow, gorge yourself on those tiny cups of delicious green Jell-O, and watch some terrible daytime TV (and we don’t mean Fox News). You’re not less of a dude if you do. But for all our sakes, please don’t go out in public super-spreading your ‘rona germs like a porn star mid-money shot. Thanks. Sincerely, the American people.

Cover Photo: CNN

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