WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 15: My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell is seen outside the door of the West Wing at the White House on Friday, Jan 15, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

MyPillow Guy Goes Full Crack-Out in 3-Hour Trump ‘Documentary,’ How Does He Sleep at Night?

The MyPillow guy has made a fortune peddling lumpy pillows over the years, but no amount of toxic stuffing can cushion his fall now that he’s doubled-down on Donald Trump. Even after the 45th president distanced himself from the cartoon-faced CEO and ardent Trump acolyte, Mike Lindell released a “documentary” alleging the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats. And though he’s often delivered sage advice in the past, Lindell’s new movie, Absolute Proof, has absolutely no proof to support these claims.

Amazingly, while none of this stopped Lindell from making a three-hour epic to “prove” his point, it did stop OAN, the network cradling Lindell’s fluff piece, from airing it without a full disclaimer.

“Michael James Lindell purchased the airtime for the broadcast of this program on One American News (OAN) network,” the far-right-wing “news” outlet began. After several more paragraphs in which they distance themselves from the piece they’ve chosen to air, OAN continues their grammatical error-laden handwashing, “Further the statements and claims expressed in this program are presented of this time as opinions only and are not intended to be taken or interpreted by the viewer as established facts.”

While the lengthy disclaimer was awfully nice (and legally required) of them, it doesn’t mean much. Because arguably, Trump supporters don’t read the fine print, especially when big bold letters are much easier to decipher after they’ve drunk too much Kool-Aid. Still, if there’s one thing we did learn from watching Absolute Proof, it’s that not only does MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell make non-fact-based pillows, he makes shitty documentaries too.

Cover Photo: The Washington Post (Getty Images)

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