New ‘Pajama Suit’ Is Here to Solve Your Zoom Dressing Dilemmas, Time to Donate Everything Else You Own

Dressing for working from home during coronavirus quarantine has presented quite the challenge. On the one hand, you’re likely doing all your work from the comfort of your bed, and therefore want to dress comfortably. On the other hand, you’re also probably required to check in with coworkers and superiors via Zoom on a regular basis and you can’t look like you just rolled out of the aforementioned bed. What to wear that meets both needs so you aren’t wasting time changing in and out of clothes all day?

A Japanese apparel company appears to have the answer. It’s called a “pajama suit” and while it looks professional enough for an office setting, it’s said to be as cozy as sleepwear. Aoki Holdings is the brand behind this ingenious creation, which is marketed as “more than pajamas and less than fashionable clothes.” The suit comes in navy, beige, black and dark grey hues in both men and women’s styles. They’re sold as separates of knit cardigans and elastic-waist pants (which we could all use right now; thanks Quarantine 15) for only $48 each.

Of course, for maximum comfort, you’ll need to add your own T-shirt and fuzzy socks. We’re partial to the bathrobe-over-the-pajamas-look, too, which definitely won’t fly on Zoom. Still, the pajama suit is a good start. Maybe other clothing makers will, well, follow suit and come up with more apparel that can easily transition from staff meeting to naptime. Until then, we’ll be over here in our pajama suit watching Netflix and binge-eating Ben & Jerry’s…err…we mean “working.”

Cover Photo: Aoki Holdings

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