President Biden Removes Trump’s Diet Coke Button at Oval Office Desk, Replaces It With Metamucil Alarm

When President Joe Biden officially took over the Oval Office, things looked a little different than they did when Donald Trump sat at the most important desk in America. He changed the carpet, swapped out some pictures on the walls, and added family photos. But one of the most glaring changes was on the desk itself. That’s because Biden removed a unique button that adorned the desk for all of Trump’s presidency.

You might be wondering what this button did. Well, it was a bright red button that was set into a brown, wooden box that sat next to Trump’s phone. It didn’t send out a dozen nukes to different parts of the world or notify the Commander-in-Chief’s team that he was preoccupied and shouldn’t be bothered. No, it notified a butler to bring him a Diet Coke. Yes, really.

Last week, British journalist Tom Newton Dunn tweeted an image showing the button on Trump’s desk as well as one showing the same desk without the infamous red button. He said that when he and a fellow journalist interviewed Trump back in 2019, the duo wondered what the ominous-looking button did. They asked about it and he pressed it to show them. Within moments, a butler came into the Oval Office with a Diet Coke on a silver platter.

Apparently, this was a joke Trump would play on visitors to his office. We actually believe him because he definitely looks more like a regular Coca Cola drinker than a Diet Coke fan.

Now that Biden’s in office, we can only imagine what the butler brings at the push of a button. As the oldest president ever in the history of the United States, we’re putting our money on Metamucil.

Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images)

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