Buzz Aldrin Turns 91, Still Not Old Enough to Understand Covid Restrictions on Candles

Before there was Buzz Lightyear, there was Buzz Aldrin. If you didn’t guess it already, the Toy Story character was named for the American hero. Aldrin is one of the most famous astronauts in history. He made three spacewalks and was the lunar module pilot during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Oh yeah, and on that mission, he and Neil Armstrong became the first humans to land on the moon. We all know about that “one small step” by Armstrong, but Aldrin was there too.

Well, 1969 was a long time ago and Aldrin is still kicking around at 91. To celebrate his voyage into his 91st year, he was given a cake with a candle for every year he’s been on earth (or the moon). Since it’s been almost 100 years, that’s a lot of candles.

Don’t believe us? Well, the nonagenarian tweeted a video showing his epic cake adorned with the ridiculous number of candles. Did we mention that on top of receiving a cake he also blew out all the candles?

The tweet read: “When Alan Shepard said, ‘Let’s light this candle’” I’m sure he never envisioned 91 of them! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes yesterday and to my Anca for making the day so special.”

Well, you might not be surprised to hear that the second man to walk on the moon, even at 91, was up to the challenge.

Photo: MediaNews Group/Orange County Register (Getty Images)

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