Secret Man Cave Found Under NYC Grand Central Terminal, Still Awaiting Our Invitation to For Distant Group Hang


In the last decade, men all over the country have turned sheds, garages, and basements into “man caves.” These tributes to bros, sports, beer, whiskey and the god of flatscreens are a rite of passage for some men. They outfit them in the colors of their favorite teams and stock the fridges with their favorite beer and the bar with their favorite booze. Most of the time, they do this in their own homes or backyards. But, recently, a man cave was discovered in an unusual place: in a storage area beneath New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Anyone who’s worked in an office or retail can completely see why someone would turn an unused storage room into a plush break room. Normally break rooms are crowded, dirty, and if it even has a TV, it’s usually turned to something like Judge Judy or Fox News.


According to New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a handful of MTA employees (a wireman, a carpenter, and an electrician) created this oasis under the subway tracks without getting any type of approval.

The room consisted of a futon (who doesn’t enjoy a nice nap?), a flat-screen TV, a mini-fridge, a microwave, air conditioning, and a nice, wooden table to enjoy their luxurious lunches and breaks.

Obviously, someone must have been denied admittance to this boy’s club because they went and snitched to the MTA Inspector General who found it and began an investigation.

“Many a New Yorker has fantasized about kicking back with a cold beer in a prime piece of Manhattan real estate — especially one this close to good transportation,” MTA Inspector General Carolyn Pokorny said in a Facebook post. “But few would have the chutzpah to commandeer a secret room beneath Grand Central Terminal and make it their very own man-cave, sustained with MTA resources, and maintained at our riders’ expense.”

Instead of being promoted for their ingenuity, the three employees were suspended without pay while the whole ordeal is being investigated. The moral of the story? If you build a secret man cave under Grand Central Terminal, keep your mouth shut.

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