Free The Undies With A No-Pants Subway Ride This Weekend

Photo: Adam Berry/Stringer (Getty Images)

Have you ever wanted to make your commute without having to deal with the suffocating prison of wearing pants? Well, we have some good news for you. This weekend you can participate in a no-pants subway ride and let your legs breathe the glorious oxygen of public transportation.

For the 20th year in a row, people can ride the subway with their underwear hanging out for everyone to see because why the hell wouldn’t you want to do that kind of thing? The event, thrown by a comedy collective named Improv Everywhere and other organizers, will take place in several cities around the world on Jan. 13.

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Over 60 cities are said to be participating in this free-balling event, including New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Prague, and San Francisco, just to name a few. According to event organizers, New York expects to have over 2,000 people showing off their underwear. That’s a lot more than the original event in 2002, which only drew seven people but a whole lot more judgemental eyes.

The whole reason they’re doing this event is simply to make people laugh and smile, apparently. We’re pretty sure they’ll be able to accomplish that goal, even though it’s really cold in some of these cities and people will freeze while not wearing pants. They have a great track record, after all.

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We’re always looking for excuses not to wear pants, and this seems like a pretty well-catered event for us. If you want to get in on this no-pants action, get yourself to one of those cities to enjoy the freedom. If you’re more of a local person and want your town to join the pantless party, you can apply here. See you on the train, Mandatory Nation.