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Cold-Weather Style: No Marshmallow Men This Winter

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Staying warm in frigid temperatures can be tough, especially if you’re trying to nail cold-weather style. Puffy coats may keep you toasty, but they make the people wearing them look like Missy Elliot in “The Rain” music video. No matter what you think, puffy coats end up making you look like you’re wearing a stylized garbage bag.

Wash and wear: Suits You Don’t Need To Dry Clean

There’s just so much that outwear can do to elevate your overall look. Instead of looking like a human marshmallow, consider how long lines will make you look leaner or how a shearling lining can up your rugged factor. With a little effort, you can not only look better but feel warmer. If you’re ready to leave the dark side of winter coats, keep reading.

Perfect pairing: Complementary Coats & Boots 

What about you? Do you prefer a sleeker winter coat or are you about the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man life?

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