The 5 Best Washable Suits & Separates

Whether you have to wear one for work, or you have to wear one for the bi-annual wedding, there is no denying that you need a suit. The other reality is that it’s going to cost a lot of money. But here’s the bummer – it won’t only cost a lot to buy, it’s going to cost a lot to keep up. Why? Dry cleaning. You can’t just toss that three-piece into your apartment washing machine with a Tide pod. No, you have to find a dry cleaner and – spoiler alert – they are all fairly expensive.

Until now your professional menswear came in one format – it’s an investment, and one you actually can’t take care of on your own – you need assistance to clean it. But with technologically advanced fabrics, and the companies that have embraced them, we now have an opportunity to own that professional gear but with the ability to clean it ourselves.

We have found the best suits and separates to not only look your most outstanding self (we all know a man dressed well reads better than a man who isn’t; blame that whole first impressions deal), but also the goods that you can maintain yourself. Let’s start with the full suit by Perry Ellis. The Slim Fit Machine Washable Suit, about $200, is made to fit, made to look good, made to wear time and time again, all while never leaving you (aka no off to the dry cleaner.) Pair it with a resilient, current tie, like one by Tough Tie. If you don’t need the full ensemble, pick up separates, like the Washable Wool Suit Coat by Lands’ End, Gramercy Classic Fit Blazer by Bluffworks, or the washable dress pants by Perry Ellis.