Get Rid Of Dry Winter Skin With These Quick Tips And Tricks

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Winter skin can be a real bear to deal with. Winter’s harsh elements can leave your skin dry and flakey, and you looking like a creature from another time. In order to fight off the winter skin freeze, you need a new skin care regimen, one that will protect and soothe your skin from the elements.

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Really, this routine doesn’t have to break the bank and can easily fit into your regular skincare routine. If anything, these tips will work for anyone with sensitive skin any time of the year. However, if your skin is especially sensitive in the winter, this list will help prevent your skin from turning scaly.

Facial Cleanser

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This winter, man up and ditch your bar soap. Harsh winter weather conditions can damage your skin if you’re still using bar soap. The skin on your face is delicate and it’s time to treat it that way. Bar soaps will strip it of natural oils, making it dry and flakey.

You don’t have to break the bank, either. Something affordable like Cetaphil Facial Cleanser will protect and clean your skin at a reasonable price. If you’re n the market for something a little more expensive, try Khiel’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. It’ll gently soothe dry winter skin for under $30 without stripping it of natural oils.

Aftershave Balm

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Once you start using an aftershave balm, you’re going to never look back. Shaving your face and going out into the cold exposes it to the elements, leaving it totally vulnerable to the harsh conditions. An aftershave balm works like a protective barrier between your exposed follicles and the cold. Lather & Wood After Shave Balm is an affordable balm you need try right now. It costs less than $20 and it comes in Sandalwood and an unscented option as well.

Another top-rated option is Baxter of California After Shave Balm. It’s a nourishing post-shave moisturizer for men with aloe and tea tree oil. Baxter of California is formulated with natural healing ingredients to soothe and protect skin from shaving irritation, dryness, and razor burn.

Lip Balm

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Look: no one wants to kiss lips that look like they’ve been used to cut glass. Using a lip balm is something you should already be doing year round. If not, it’s time to join everyone else in this very basic form of self-care. Lip balms don’t have to be cherry chapstick. There are so many out there right now that you can easily find something to suit your needs.

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If your lips are in bad shape, first of all, start drinking more water. Chapped lips are a sign of dehydration. After upping your water intake, start carrying around something like Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm. You can buy a pack of four for under $10 and leave them everywhere. Put one in your car, one in your desk at work, and another in your gym bag. There’s simply no excuse for gross lips.

However, if your lips have a sort of 911 emergency situation going on, you might want to turn to the best of the best with La Mer’s The Lip Balm. It’s pricey but it will last and it will save lips that look like you left them out in the cold.