How to Shave Properly: Best Shaving Tips for Men

Learning how to shave is one of those things every man thinks he has down pat but probably doesn’t – like directions without a smartphone or assembly without instructions. The sad honest truth is millions of guys out there haven’t learned the proper way to shave. Well, no more! Here are the best shaving tips for men that will change your life:

Best Shaving Tips for Men: How to Shave Properly

Men’s Shaving Tip #1: Wet Shaving With Warm Water and Facial Cleansers

Guys never want to shave dry hair, even with shaving cream or gel applied. One of the best shaving tips every man should follow is to go with a wet shave and wash your face with warm water prior to applying lather. The heat will loosen up the pores and soften the hairs, ultimately making for a smoother shave and less irritation. Facial cleansers will remove any oils and dirt which may otherwise prevent the lather from absorbing.

Men’s Shaving Tip #2: Use a Shaving Brush Such as a Badger Brush

It’s imperative to find the best shaving cream or gel for your skin type and give it time to soak into the hairs before beginning the shave. Most experts say fingers alone aren’t good enough to massage the lather into the hairs. The badger-hair brush, a staple of barbers around the world, is a worthwhile investment for men seeking the optimum shave on their own. Reasonably priced shaving brushes can be found online, and you’ll recoup with savings on your next step.

Men’s Shaving Tip #3: The Best Shaving Razors Are The Cheaper, Single-Blade Razors

The biggest misconception about men’s shaving is that more blades equates to a smoother shave. I hate to break it to all the die-hard multi-blade users out there, but the so-called benefits are all marketing and zero truth. To get the best shave, the appropriate pre-shaving approach – the warm wash and brush-applied lather – are enough to guarantee a good shave with a single-blade safety razor, so long as it’s sharp.

Men’s Shaving Tip #4: Shave With The Grain

Outranked perhaps only by the toilet roll debate when it comes to bathroom-based arguments, whether to shave with the grain or against remains a hot-button issue to many a hairy man. Shaving against the grain is tempting to go for that seemingly closer shave achieved by sliding the blade in the reverse direction of the hair growth pattern, but it’s not worth the irritation. Even Uncle Sam suggests shaving with the grain.

Men’s Shaving Tip #5: Using Confident Shaving Strokes Is The Best Way to Get The Perfect Shave

Repeatedly going across the same facial territory with a razor is not like mowing your lawn with obsessive compulsive disorder. It will result in severe irritation, even if you keep applying more lather (and who wants to pause to keep doing that?) It’s the hardest shaving skill to master, but getting every hair sliced down without having to repeat a spot is how you avoid cuts, scrapes, and shaving bumps.

Men’s Shaving Tip #6: Rinse With Cold Water

Lastly, finish the shave with a cold water rinse. Doing this reduces blood flow to the face which turns the dial down on irritation. Skip the aftershave. It’s a bygone ritual with little to do that cold, clean water won’t accomplish. With that said, a little dab for habit and tradition is fine.

The Art of Shaving

Shaving is a fine art few guys are willing to admit needing improvement in mastering. Luckily it doesn’t take a whole lot of new skill or tools any existing shaver doesn’t already have, and certainly doesn’t require any more money. In fact, considering how much men stand to save on cutting loose of their multi-blade razor mail order subscription, they may stand to see extra change in their pocket with their change in shaving habit by learning the proper way to shave with these shaving tips for men. If you are just looking for a trim and not a complete shave, here’s how to trim your facial hair and a review of the best beard and mustache trimmers.

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