Twin Babies Freak Out at Dad’s Clean-Shaven Face in Viral Video, One More Reason We’re Never Shaving Again (Or Having Kids)

Going from fuzzy-faced to clean-shaven is always a jarring transition, and not just for the man who gets his whiskers lobbed off. It’s unsettling to the people who have to look at him, too. Take the case of a young dad in Lewis Center, Ohio, who recently got reacquainted with a razor, only to make his twin sons cry when they saw his naked face.

When the dad comes to greet the babies, they look from his face to the camera (behind which, we presume, was their mother). It’s as if they’re asking, “What the…?” When they don’t get a reassuring answer, the twin on the father’s left gets upset first, and the waterworks soon spread to his brother.

They’re obviously too young to know that hair grows back, and if a gnarly beard will help the boys calm down, surely their dad will bring it back as fast as he can. Funny as the video is, it’s a good reminder why we won’t shave ever again – and why we’ll never have kids.

Cover Photo: YouTube / New York Post

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