Bernie Ecclestone Becomes a Dad at 89, Proving Its Never Too Late to Procreate (If Your Baby Mama Is Young Enough)

While women have expiration dates on their fertility, dudes don’t have to worry. They can father children well beyond an age when any rational person would want to become a new parent. Just ask former Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, who, at 89 years old, became a dad.

His wife Fabiana Flosi isn’t exactly a spring chicken at age 44, but the 45-year age gap between the Mr. and Mrs. makes her seem plenty young in comparison. (She’s also freakishly taller than him. But we digress.) The couple’s baby boy, dubbed Ace, was born last week. It’s Flosi’s first kid and Ecclestone’s fourth, though his previous three are all girls.

It’s too bad Ecclestone won’t be around long enough to really get to know his only son; then again, given his recent dumbass comments about race in regards to the F1 empire (“In lots of cases, Black people are more racist than what White people are,” Ecclestone said), maybe that’s for the best. Here’s hoping that when Ecclestone kicks the bucket, little Ace will get a young, woke stepdad.

Cover Photo: Mark Thompson / Staff (Getty Images)

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