The Real ‘F’ Word: Fatherhood For Young Dads Expecting The Unexpected

Your special someone peed on a stick, and it came up positive. Welcome to the unexpected realm of fatherhood. Congratulations, your boys can swim! You’re probably experiencing a ping-pong of sensations that may include (but not limited to): total freak-outs, numb hands, sense of impending doom, deflated erections, swelling pride that you are, in fact, walking around with viable sperm. That’s all perfectly normal and to be expected. But what else will fatherhood bring?

Though it’s one of life’s great surprises, it’s surprisingly lacking in current information for the young dad trying to grapple with these storm of emotions. For those of you strapped into roller coaster of impending fatherhood (waiting for that big drop), here’s a crash course on what to expect at the start of the greatest ride of your life.

Photo: Rubber Ball Productions (Getty Images)

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