Shave Away the Shame of Self-Care Neglect With This Under-$50 Grooming Tool

Yeah yeah yeah, we get it, you grew a quarantine beard. Congrats! You’ve spent months trying to become lumbersexual but instead just became hairy. No-Shave November is only once a year, and despite the fact that there are some perks to facial hair, it’s time to start acting like you have it together again. New year, new you, amiright? We’re suggesting you hop in the shower, put on deodorant, and grab The Brocchi Grooming and Trimming Tool for all of your five o’clock shadow needs.

Here’s what you get with the Brocchi, which boasts 5 hours of cordless use… Using a stay sharp ceramic and titanium coated blade, your facial hair will flawlessly go from hobo to hobo-chic in one fell swoop. Not a fan of a 3-6mm? No sweat, this also comes with a 9-12mm comb, for a custom groom. And, because facial hair doesn’t discriminate, the four length settings satisfy anyone who’s using, borrowing, or stealing your Brocchi (though we don’t suggest sharing grooming tools of any kind because some people really don’t know how to act). And, just in case you need more of a reason to grab this trimmer, it also comes with a cleaning brush and oil for an all-around five-star grooming experience.

The Brocchi Grooming and Trimming Tool, which comes with two guard combs, oil, a charger, a cleaning brush, and a manual, usually runs for $209, but we’re shaving down the price to $46.

Prices subject to change.

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