Keep Your Ass Clean and Comfy With This CLIQ Portable Camping Chair

Whether you sit in a deer stand, the beach sand, or just post up in the grass, chances are your tuchus has gotten a little dirty at one point or another (rather your ass than your food, honestly). For some people, it’s cool to have an absolute pigpen of a lifestyle, but you need a little more stability in your already heck of a mess life. For all of your outdoor adventures, even the ones that get especially hairy, grab this CLIQ Portable Camping Chair and give your behind the break it needs (and your back, but we’ll get to that later).

Are you and your butt ready for instant relaxation? The CLIQ Portable Camping Chair is not only bottle-sized, low profile, and lightweight, but it’s also perfect for campers and people who like to think they’re one with nature (you can’t pretend to be crunchy in a Winnebago with central AC, Steve). Made of twice stitched ripstop ballistic nylon with double seams, this baby is perfect for those of us with 90-year-old backs; you know, the average millennial. Need something small? Weighing less than four pounds, you can literally bring it just about anywhere. We’re talking the beach, attending an outdoor event, or hanging in the backyard with some buddies talking about the good old days (like when Cousin Joe used to light his farts on fire, real wholesome stuff).

And, for the glampers out there (and people who would rather stick their head in a Porta Potty than spend one second in the great outdoors), the CLIQ Portable Camping Chair can also serve as a royal throne. It features four legs and tip-proof design and will have you situated about a foot off of the grass, mud, and anything else that may dirty your pristine hiney.

Get the CLIQ Portable Camping Chair for $89.99 (Reg. $99).

Prices subject to change.


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