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The Mandatory Guide to the Best Stuff to Buy on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Prime Day is finally here! (And it’s actually two days: July 12 and 13.) Your credit card is eager to run wild as you fill up your cart with all the amazing deals Amazon has to offer.

But first things first: you can’t truly take advantage of Prime Day until you have a Prime membership. So fix that ASAP right here. A Prime membership is good for so much more than just fast, free shipping on the gazillion-and-one things Amazon sells. It also entitles you to unlimited streaming of music, movies, and games; free reads; exclusive Whole Foods savings and two-hour grocery delivery; and many other perks.

Because this capitalist holiday can be a little overwhelming to the uninitiated, we dove into the e-commerce behemoth and came up with the best stuff to snatch up on Prime Day. From tech to gaming accessories to gadgets, we have all the covetable items you crave in every category right here.

Hurry up and hunt them down because Prime Day will be over before you know it!

Photos: Amazon

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