5 Best Ways To Celebrate World Beard Day According To The Beards

Congratulations hirsute population of the world, the international beard appreciation day is nigh upon us. I can almost make out those winning smiles underneath that nest of magnificent face fur as you gear up to celebrate this most hallowed of occasions.   

While you are no doubt aware of the special day ahead, you might still be a little unsure of how to best celebrate that nest of lower face hair you or a loved one of yours has been so carefully curating all this time. It’s OK we’ve got your back.  

In honour of  Saturday September 5th’s World Beard Day, we’ve enlisted the help of Australia’s most bewhiskered band, The Beards, to dish on the five best ways to celebrate the razor-free life.

5 Best Ways To Celebrate World Beard Day

1. Releasing an album.

This album is particularly beardy because it’s the beardiest of all our previous albums because it’s essentially a greatest hits. It’s a two disc collection – the first disc is basically all our favourite tracks from our four studio albums, along with some unreleased stuff and a brand-new single. And the second disc is a live album that we recorded in Sydney earlier this year, so it’s all the beardiest stuff in one place. If we could release a best of every year, that would also be good but I guess it would kind of all end up being the same. But I guess I would just release this again next year and the year after.

2. We always encourage people to gather with their bearded loved ones.

It’s a celebration of the beard, so sharing that with your fellow beards is good. If you have loved ones – and heaven forbid you have loved ones who don’t have beards – you’re best to either send them away or make them bring you either food or drinks and be subservient to the bearded for the day – or in general. But especially on that day. We like to eat meat, drink beer and get lots of food in our beards and have a lot of mutual beard-stroking as well. When you are around a lot of people with beards you get to touch a lot of different types of beards, which is great.

3. We like to play a game on tour called ‘Spot That Beard’ that is especially good to play on World Beard Day I reckon.

It’s basically you see a guy with a beard… and then you win. That’s it. The game starts again. But on world beard day it’s good to find guys with beards and play not just ‘Spot That Beard’ but go up to him, give him a handshake or a hug or a present and make him feel appreciated on this most special of days.

4. World Beard Day is all about the beards – so give your own beard a bit of extra love and care on the day.

Give your beard a wash, a gentle dry, there’s all these beard related products you can start to use – give it some beard oil for some extra shine. Spend some extra time on your brushing and coming. And then just stroke your beard a bit more than normal. Whisper things to it. Just make your beard feel appreciated.

5. The best thing to do really is to go to our gig in Stockholm on Saturday.

Obviously going to be difficult for some people, but a bearded road trip would maybe be in order. If you leave now you can probably still make it. But we’re playing a big gig in Sweden but if you can’t make it I suppose you could always ring someone who’s there and get them to hold their phone up, because you don’t want to miss this. It’s going to be pretty beardy.


The Beards’ ‘Ten Long Years One Long Beard’ album is out via MGM today, September 4th. The Beards kick off an Australian album tour this October. See dates below.

Ten Long Years, One Long Beard Tour Dates

Friday, 2nd October *
Caloundra Music Festival
Tickets: The Beards

Saturday, 3rd October *
The Zoo, Brisbane
Tickets: The Beards

Thursday, 8th October
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: The Beards

Friday, 9th October
The Pelly Bar, Frankston
Tickets: The Beards

Saturday, 10th October
The Village Green, Mulgrave
Tickets: The Beards

Thursday, 15th October
Jive Bar, Adelaide
Tickets: The Beards

Friday, 16th October
Jive Bar, Adelaide
Tickets: The Beards

Saturday, 17th October
Coopers Ale House, Wallaroo
Tickets: The Beards

Friday, 23rd October
Bondi Beach Rd Hotel, Bondi
Tickets: The Beards

Saturday 24th October
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Tickets: The Beards

Sunday, 25th October
Rocks Brewery, Sydney
Tickets: The Beards

*Not including Dallas Frasca