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Fellas, Clean Skin Care For You Is Here and It’s Not Over-Priced

Did you know that 63 percent of men do not use face wash as part of their personal hygiene routine? Part of the problem is a lack of male-oriented skin care products, an issue Ben Smith, founder of Disco, noticed before launching a brand that features face cleanser, body wash, and a variety of products available at a reduced price and sure to take your self-improvement to another level.

As Smith tells it, “Disco will normalize self-care for men by offering easy to understand products…. It is our goal to provide a line of clean products you can count on, while also having fun along the way.”

With input from Yale-educated medical advisor Dr. Eva Simmons O’Brien, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Dermatology, Disco isn’t just all talk no action. Better yet, these life-enhancing products are created using all-natural and sustainable ingredients. Ingredient transparency and ethical practices means you won’t be canceled when you become a fan of the brand. And, of course, you’ll see the benefits in your mirror (and maybe your Hinge account).

Take a look at the Disco Face Cleanser Stick for Men, which is marked down to $14.99 from $16. Simply apply the stick as need, add water, lather up, and rinse to remove dirt and oil, while leaving your skin feeling hydrated and renewed thanks to an acceleration of the natural skin cell rejuvenation cycle. It’s a refreshing way to start and end your day!

Further elevate your face care regimen by adding the Disco Face Scrub, now available at only $19.99 (normally $22). A soothing blend of aloe, apricot, chamomile, and papaya detoxify your complexion and wipe away all the nasty stuff that builds up during a day, without causing the unnecessary irritation that too often accompanies other facial scrubs.

They say eyes are “windows to the soul,” so keep yours looking healthy (yes, that matters) with the Disco Eye Stick, on sale for $29.99 (normally $32). Say goodbye to dark circles and puffy eye bags by using an impactful blend of de-puffing caffeine, antioxidant brightening pycnogenol, and anti-aging niacinamide (this one is in lots of women’s skin care products, so you know it’s legit).

First impressions are everything, and with your face leading the way, why not treat it to the Disco Face Mask, marked down to $30.99 from $34. Restorative mineral-rich bentonite clay, detoxifying and impurity-busting charcoal, and soothing willow bark extract combine to work wonders. Maintain your skin care strides with lightweight, anti-aging Disco Face Moisturizer, on sale for only $21.99 (normally $24).

Then ensure total top-notch hygiene by grabbing Disco Body Wash for only $18.99 (normally $20). Benefiting from restorative aloe and papaya, soothing horsetail, and antioxidant chamomile, you will emerge from the shower feeling more confident than ever.

And please don’t forget those underarms, dudes! Non-staining Disco Deodorant is here for $10.99 (typically $12) to neutralize odors with eucalyptus extract and become a must-have in your work, travel, or gym bag.

Remember — skin care is sexy. There is no better way to spruce up and put your best face forward than with this line of discounted products from Disco.

Prices subject to change.

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