Interview | Dr. Terrence Keaney: Establishing A Fall Grooming Regimen

It’s hard to admit, but Summer is coming to a close. You’ve been doing a great job taking care of your skin, so its vital that you continue, even into the Winter months. To make sure you’ve got all the bases covered, we’ve consulted with Dermatologist Dr. Terrence Keaney, the Dove Men+Care Expert, and a Washington, DC based dermatologist who spearheaded the nation’s first dermatological center for men. Here’s what we learned…


10 Tips For A Fall Grooming Regimen


1. Use a moisturizing cleanser

Soaps are inherently drying and you don’t want to compound the brittleness that occurs during the Fall with a drying cleanser. Says Dr. Keaney, “I would recommend the Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body Wash because it’s made with micro-moisture technology that will provide the hydration needed during the fall.” 

2. Wash with caution

Avoid washing your face more than 3 times a day, as this will only strip your skin of its natural oils and lipids.

3. Use a daily sunscreen.

Oftentimes, men think they don’t need to wear sunscreen because the Summer is over, however most sun damage is cumulative. Continue to use a daily sunscreen during the fall and winter months to prevent the harmful effects of sunlight. Says Dr. Keaney, “I recommended mineral based sunscreens.”

4. Use an Antioxidant.

Sunscreens don’t protect against oxidative damage caused by sun exposure. Says Dr. Keaney, “I recommend men use an antioxidant like Skinceutical Phloretin CF after shaving.”

5. Always use a hydrating shave cream.

Shaving gets rid of hair but also strips the skin if its natural oils and moisturizers. Using a moisturizing shave cream like the Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Pro-Moisture Shave Cream will help reduce dryness Fall nd irritation when shaving in colder months.

6. Shower, Then Shave

Shave within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower so the skin is hydrated and the hair is soft. This will make shaving easier and will reduce the irritation, especially at a time of year when the skin tends to more irritable.

7. Moisturize in the morning!

This will helps combat the lower humidity observed in the fall.  Use a lighter moisturizer in the day such as Cerave lotion.

8. Moisturize in the evening!

A thicker moisturizer can help maintain hydration while you sleep. Says Dr. Keaney, “I recommend the Dove Men+Care Ultra Hydrating Cream because it has a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly.”

9. Get lippy

Don’t forget your lips! Says Dr. Keaney, “I love Vaseline lip balm to avoid chapped lips.”

10. Don’t forget your hands!

Men should be using hand cream daily (or more) to prevent, dry cracked skin.


Image: Getty Images


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