A Mandatory Guide to Manscaping A Safe, Clean Playground

Photo: Scukrov (Getty Images)

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There are two kinds of men in this world: those who respect themselves enough for the occasional manscaping, and those who do not. So which are you?

Most people tell time and mark milestones by the hairstyle atop their heads. One year it’s bowl and buzz cuts, the next it’s man buns and bushy beards. This year, let’s flip the switch and head south of the border to the no man’s land of manscaping where time stands still and trimmers beware.

It’s time that ’70s hippie bush caught up with the rest of you, and we’re giving you a mandatory guide to grooming with confidence (and caution) when it comes to your short and curlies, lest you go rogue with the wrong tools and look as lopsided as James Harden after he wakes up.

Have a gander at a few mandatory tools from Manscaped we highly recommend for a safe, clean playground.

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