‘Bachelor’ Stars Get Brazilian Bikini Wax on Video (And it’s Painful to Watch)

Two bachelors walk into a spa… It sounds like the start of a great joke, but for Matt James and Tyler Cameron, it was no laughing matter.

James, the current Bachelor, and Cameron, a Bachelorette alum, are best buds. The bromance is so strong that if we didn’t know any better, we’d think they should be giving each other roses. But that’s for them to figure out. For now, they’re known for doing all sorts of fun, outrageous, wacky things together and posting them on the internet.

The latest attention-getting stunt the two participated in involved a Brazilian bikini wax, which they filmed. And, oof, is it painful to watch.

“We got waxed and we got wrecked,” Cameron captioned the video.

They hit the spa in preparation for James’ debut on the Bachelor. Cameron wanted James to understand exactly what all the beautiful women he was about to meet went through in preparation for their 15 minutes of reality TV fame (oh, and a shot at “true love”).

Cameron claimed he wanted the most painful wax possible – a la the 40-Year-Old Virgin. Judging by his red face, bulging veins, and yelling, he got it.

As for James, he received an ill-timed phone call from his mother just as the treatment began. While he was distracted, the spa employee went to work, leaving James whispering, “I’ll have to call you back,” when it was all over. He received a round of applause from his pals upon completion of the ridiculously painful wax.

If you’ve ever considered, even for a second, about this style of manscaping, this video will definitely cure you of that impulse forever. But some clowns (we’re not naming names) will do anything for clicks.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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