Chest Hair Grooming Rules

Photo: Boogich(Getty Images)

Back in the day there was no question is chest hair attractive, it was the male standard, but after several decades of shifting the norm guys are left wondering about what they should do with their “love carpet”. While there are no questions on whether back hair should be removed completely, there is a little bit more finesse for chest hair. Nothing too confusing, it’s pretty logical once you read it, and it will make a difference in your life, especially in the summer.

Chest Hair Rule #1: Contain It

While some may argue that chest hair is acceptable in its natural form (which it isn’t, unfortunately) nobody will claim that out of control chest hair is fine. So when your chest hair turns into neck hair it is time for drastic action. No one, especially women, wants to see long, curly hairs pointing out of t-shirts and sweaters. Ideally, you would use a trimmer, then an epilator, or just the epilator if the hair length is of the appropriate size already. Epilators pull the hairs with the follicle so you won’t have a stubble. Since there aren’t that many of them for men, you can buy one that is marketed for women and use it nonetheless.

Chest Hair Rule #2: Forget the Razor

A lot of guys tend to completely shave off their chest hair and that is a rookie movie as much as it would be to go for a layup while Lebron James is trailing you. Not only is shaving such a big, uneven place without getting a cut impossible but after a few days of being (barely) smooth, you develop a stubble. So you’ll basically be a hedgehog for weeks, and additionally, your skin will turn red and irritated, which is a great beach look.

Chest Hair Rule #3: Trimming is Key

The choice is not chest hair or no chest hair. Invest in a trimmer or a hair clipper with extensions so you can properly groom your chest hair. The golden rule of chest hair grooming is not to go from a sweater to a prepubescent boy in a matter of minutes, but to look groomed. In order to do so, the best bet is to grab a clipper and shorten your chest hair so that they be half an inch long, or longer if it is your first time grooming. Trimm the hairs going with the grain, and be even throughout the chest area (except the neck which we covered).

Chest Hair Rule #4: Be Balanced

If you have exceptionally hairy arms or legs it wouldn’t be wise to completely wax off your chest as you’ll look funny. Chest hair is somewhat more acceptable if you have some form of facial hair. And if you’re completely bald or have a buzz cut with no facial hair, chest hair will stick out more in a way, so work that into the equation on whether to go completely short with hair or not.

Chest Hair Rule #5: Waxing isn’t Forbidden

Continuing from the last point – waxing isn’t completely out of the question, since it lasts long and the hair is thinner and softer when it grows back again. It’s perhaps perfect if you want to achieve that ripped look since no hair allows your muscle cuts to show more. But if you have a bit of a belly, a layer of slight chest hair will conceal it and not make you look like a pregnant lady. If you have lighter hand hair, waxing your chest might not be as bad as for the darker types who will look like a chess board after waxing.

There are still benefits of chest hair as a study showed that women prefer men with some hair on their chest, on a subconscious level at least. But the rules of the society still demand of us some compliance, and with these clear tips, you’ll have no problem managing your grooming.

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