Grab the Hair and Beard Deluxe Styler Here On Sale and Clean Up Your Hairy Face

While the humidity may be gone from the air for now (unless you live in the warmer region of the country, but in that case, we’re sure you’re not quite as worried about the air moisture as you may be about other things) you’re still responsible for keeping up with your luscious locks and grooming habits. No one wants to see your caveman beard, not even that desperate one blind date who slides into your DMs more than you want to admit. Keep everything clean and looking fresh with this Adagio Hair and Beard Deluxe Styler on sale now for 20% off with code GREEN20.

Get your grooming done in a quick and efficient way with the Adagio Hair and Beard Deluxe Styler no matter what type of hair you’re working with. Not just your average comb, the styler is a heated straightening comb made specifically to tame the mane. Perfect for mustaches, beards, sideburns, and temples, you’re pretty much covered on all hairy fronts (but maybe not backs, please don’t get us involved in your caboose). With quick-heating properties, you’ll be prepared, prepped, pampered, and pretty for whatever life throws your way (including that unfortunate mandatory happy hour Jill from accounting is forcing everyone to attend).

So, how does the Adagio Hair And Beard Deluxe Styler work? Using ionic technology, the comb locks and keeps all the right types of heat without sacrificing your face in the process. It reduces any heat you don’t need for the job that may cause damage, as well as ensures moisture retention. This way you’ll never frizz up when you’re really just looking for smooth and silky (which was your nickname in college, we know, settle down slugger).

Get the Adagio Hair And Beard Deluxe Styler for $27.99 (Reg. $250) with code GREEN20.

Prices subject to change.


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