Meanwhile in California: Peacocks Invade Residential Neighborhood, Shit on Everything (Talk About Putting the Foul in Fowl)

Peacocks are among the prettiest birds around – but as it turns out, they make terrible neighbors. Residents of Tracy, California, recently learned this lesson after their area was invaded by the colorful feathered beasts.

Apparently, around 30 peacocks have been perching on neighborhood roofs, pooping on homes and driveways, and damaging property.

“They will definitely make a home, out of your home,” resident Terina Lacey told local news station KCRA3. “Reproducing and causing property damage, stomping on the roofs. I mean that is crazy — sounds like there’s people up there.”

“Sometimes they get a little close; they’ll charge at you, do a little funny stuff,” postal worker Corey Marzett told the station.

The cost to remove the wild animals from the area is a steep $30,000. The city has agreed to split the bill with the Redbridge Homeowners Association, and a contract with Bay Area Wildlife Services is being drafted. Once that contract is signed, the company will remove the birds from the area in a humane fashion. Until then, residents are left to their own devices – which include using clappers and beeping scanners to scare them off.

These “squawking squatters” certainly have put the “foul” in “fowl”! We’ll never look at peacocks in the same way ever again…

Cover Photo: Twitter