Long Island Judge Busted Stealing Neighbor’s Panties

Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Well, his court date is going to be an uncomfortable one.

I know that judges don’t spend their time off hanging out in their robes and smoking a cigar near a massive bookshelf in their home office. But I also know that most judges don’t break into homes to steal women’s underwear. I said most, but at least one judge does.

According to The NY Post, Suffolk County Judge Robert Cicale recently broke into a neighbor’s home with the hopes of stealing a pair of women’s panties. But he ended up fleeing after discovering the 23-year-old woman was inside.

Photo: Suffolk County Police Department

The woman of course called 911 and described Cicale, and cops were actually able to find the judge outside the home with the panties on his person. Talk about being caught redhanded.

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“He was found with . . . female undergarments. We don’t know if these were the proceeds from the burglary today or a previous break-in,” Acting Commissioner Stuart Cameron said.

Well, Cicale was charged with second-degree burglary and now it’s going to be super awkward in the break room with the other judges. But if Cicale is lucky maybe one of these networks will give him his own show. I’m looking at you Fox.