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Long Island Man Arrested For Harassing Ex, Posting Her Info On Prostitution Websites

Photo: innovatedcaptures (Getty)

A 23-year-old man named Thomas Traficante was not very happy that he and his girlfriend broke up. So what did this dude do? Well he completely terrorized her and even her sorority — so much so that the police got involved.

It all kicked off when Traficante sent his ex-girlfriend and 12 of her Sigma Kappa sorority sisters a threatening message. “It’s [sic] not safe out there tonight kappas [sic],” the message read. Traficante wasn’t done as he then sent this message the next day:

“Glad [sic] you all mostly took my advice last night, but moving it forward one night doesn’t make kappas [sic] or their dates any safer. I mean no harm, im [sic] not the threat, but harm is coming.”

Traficante even sent a message that read, “I’m in the house.” Police were informed and Traficante was arrested and charged with cyberstalking and threats.

Photo: FBI

But Traficante did a lot more than just send creepy messages. He also sent his ex-girlfriend some cocaine and then alerted campus police at the State University College at Geneseo in hopes of getting her arrested. This creep also posted his ex’s info on a bunch of prostitution websites, and because of that she received dozens of calls from dudes looking for sex.

Photo: Facebook/Thomas Traficante

After he was arrested, the FBI found a semiautomatic AR-15 during a search of his home, and now federal prosecutors will try to make the case in court that Traficante is both dangerous and likely to flee if released on bail.

h/t Daily Mail 

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