Blogger Arrested After Free Sex Offer Gets Out Of Control

Photo: Torwai Suebsri / EyeEm (Getty)

If you’re going to go on your social media accounts and offer up free sex to anyone who shows up to your hotel room, you should probably expect a crowd of pervs ready to take you up on that offer. And a 19-year-old blogger named Ye Mouyi certainly learned that the way.

Mouyi took it to social media account to inform the world that she was up to have sex with anyone for free. Mouyi even put the hotel she was staying at and her hotel room number. And wouldn’t you know it but 3,000 people showed up. It probably looked like this:

“Who’s coming to get me…to have sex…for free,” the now-deleted post stated.

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The hotel’s phone number was also bombarded with calls from other people who wanted more information about the guest, something that ifeng.com reports had a ‘serious impact on the hotel’s normal operation’. Despite Ms Mouyi deleting the post, the beast that the internet is, it was screenshotted and sent to hundreds of people.

Ye started freaking out over the stunt as people kept ringing her phone and banging on her door. Eventually she called reception and asked to check out and be escorted from the hotel to Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

The 19-year-old was eventually arrested for ‘disrupting the order of units and soliciting clients in public places cases of prostitution’. T the blogger was reportedly fined 500 yuan ($78.74).

Photo: via AsiaWire

No idea why in the hell Mouyi thought this would be a good idea, but apparently it was supposed to be a joke. And yet authorities in China didn’t find it as hilarious as we do because this is considered prostitution.

I’m glad I read this story because I was about to offer up the same thing on my social media accounts. Close call.

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