Florida Lawyer Arrested For Exposing Himself And Asking A Female Inmate For Sex

Photo: BCFC (Getty)

Everyone knows that lawyers are awful, that’s why in the movie The Devil’s Advocate the devil’s profession is a lawyer. And this story is just more proof that lawyers are garbage cans. Andrew Spark, a Florida lawyer, was recently arrested after it was discovered that he not only exposed himself at Pinellas County Jail, but he also asked for sexual favors from a female inmate.

In a news conference on Monday, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that Spark was using his legal status to meet with female inmates and then paying them to have sex with him. Oh, and he also recorded it all on his iPad for a Girls in Jail porn series. Sine he was a lawyer, Spark was allowed to gain access to inmates in a private room where there are no surveillance cameras or electronic recording. The only thing there was was Spark, the inmate and his iPad that he was allowed to bring in.

Miami Herald

Through an undercover operation, investigators learned that Shanna Boselli, who was sentenced to 40 years in federal court on child pornography charges, had met Spark before her sentencing at a porn convention in Tampa. Their last contact was about a year ago when Spark asked her to make a porn video but they couldn’t agree on a price.

She’s been behind bars since June. Late last month, the sheriff said, Spark met with Boselli in private, even though he had never represented her.

“He really duped the system,” said Gualtieri. “He shouldn’t have had access to her.”

Boselli was surprised to see him and even more surprised when Spark told her he was making porn videos of inmates performing oral sex on him in exchange for a small amount of money in the inmate’s account for the commissary, where prisoners can buy stuff like a “candy bar.”

“We’re not talking big sums of money,” he said. “Thirty or 40 bucks.”

Photo: Shanna Boselli (Hillsborough County’s Sheriff’s Office)

Spark was caught after he exposed himself to another inmate, Antoinette Rose Napolitano, who he met on backpage.com. Police had pre-wired the room and then moved in to arrest Spark.

Photo: Antoinette Rose Napolitano (Pinellas County Jail)

Spark is now charged with Soliciting for Prostitution, Exposure of Sexual Organs and Possession of Contraband in a County Detention Facility.

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