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Harvey Weinstein arrives at the Manhattan Criminal Court, on February 24, 2020 in New York City. - The jury in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial hinted it was struggling to reach agreement on the most serious charge of predatory sexual assault as day four of deliberations ended February 21, 2020 without a verdict. The 12 jurors asked New York state Judge James Burke whether they could be hung on one or both of the top counts but unanimous on the three lesser counts. The disgraced movie mogul, 67, faces life in prison if the jury of seven men and five women convict him of a variety of sexual misconduct charges in New York. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP) (Photo by JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

Harvey Weinstein Caught Smuggling Milk Duds Into Prison (We Smell Sex and Candy in Here)

Prison food is notoriously bad. We don’t fault anyone for trying to get a nibble of anything other than the cafeteria-issued Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes. But we have no sympathy for convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein, who was caught trying to smuggle a box of Milk Duds into prison.

The contraband was confiscated by LA County jail guards following a face-to-face meeting the vile movie producer had with one his attorneys, Shawn Burkley. While blame was placed on Weinstein’s counsel, and resulted in mandatory searches of their legal binders and laptop bags, the 69-year-old predator said he was the one who brought the sticky chocolate-caramel snack with him when he was extradited from New York to Los Angeles months prior.

Dude, we know Duds don’t withstand human heat for even the length of a feature film, much less months hidden in prison. And if he had managed to hide them from guards during a prison transfer, we don’t want to know where that candy had been…but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have been edible.

“From what we’ve learned, this was the first and only time Mr. Weinstein was accused of violating the rules, and he has been a model prisoner throughout his ordeal here in Los Angeles,” Mark Werksman, one of Weinstein’s attorneys, told Page Six.

Weinstein defended himself to Variety, saying, “This was an innocent misunderstanding. It will not happen again. I have been a model inmate, following the rules and regulations, and I am sincerely sorry.”

Why do we have a feeling that “This was an innocent misunderstanding. It will not happen again” is his go-to statement regarding any wrongdoing?

Say what you will, sir. We smell sex and candy — and bullshit — in here.

Cover Photo: JOHANNES EISELE / Contributor (Getty Images)