Winning! Charlie Sheen Joins TikTok and Now We Remember How Badly We Want to See Him Drink Tiger Blood

Photo: Future Publishing (Getty Images)

It’s been more than ten years since Charlie Sheen was fired from the CBS show ‘Two and a Half Men’ after publicly calling out the show’s creator Chuck Lorre while letting the world in on a slew of epic rants including one where he references his infamous “tiger blood.” In the decade-plus since, the world has heard much from the ‘Hot Shots’ star. That is, until this week when he decided the time was finally right to join TikTok.

Not surprisingly, his first video was just as bizarre as expected. But before we get to the strange, fever dream that was Sheen’s first TikTok video it should be noted that he did prepare us. He took to Twitter to announce his impending TikTok debut writing, “Hello everyone! It’s official, I’m on TikTok!” “@sheenius55 gonna be a fun ride! (or it will totally suck).” Well, so far, it doesn’t totally suck and it is already one hell of a ride.

@sheenius55 last night’s dream. #DinoBedSaurs original sound – Charlie Sheen

That’s because, even though the ‘Men at Work’ actor has only posted one TikTok video, it’s a real doozy. It’s simply a cartoon of a dancing dinosaur with Charlie Sheen’s face and the words “congratulations” in the background with some cartoon hearts. Oh yeah, and apparently the dancing Sheen dino was actually “last night’s dream.” And, in true Sheen fashion, he followed it with the hashtag #DinoBedSaurs.

We can only imagine what magical, delirious, strange videos are in our future if this was his idea for a first TikTok video. All we know is that we’ll be checking back to see.


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