Meanwhile in Texas: Walmart Customer Tries Buying Another Woman’s Child, Forgetting That’s More Likely Amazon’s Thing

Sometimes the impulse to shop is so strong, you just have to take a trip to Walmart to get your fix. (Where else can you make $20 stretch like a Romanian gymnast?) But after an hour of shopping for all sorts of goodies from sex toys to bear repellant, it’s easy to start thinking everything inside the store has a price tag. Including someone else’s kid who just happens to be standing by the Fruit Loops.

We get it. And you know who else gets it? Rebecca Lanette Taylor of Crockett, who’d been “looking to buy a child for a while now” before spotting the “perfect fit” during a recent trip to Walmart. And like most impulse shoppers who grab a candy bar at the checkout line, Taylor tried snagging herself a fun last-minute item called a one-year-old boy.

At first, the boy’s mother thought Taylor was joking when she asked how much the child was. But when she offered $250,000, the mom wigged out and hid inside the store until Taylor left. That’s when Taylor, a seasoned negotiator sensing a deal, stalked the young family to the parking lot and upped her offer to $500,000.

Despite Taylor explaining that she had cash in the trunk and would gladly “take the child,”, the stingy new mom played hardball and locked herself inside her car to get away. But Taylor was persistent and blocked the mom’s car in until she finally went home to check for better deals on Amazon.

When Walmart’s surveillance footage matched the mother’s account, police arrived on Taylor’s doorstep with a few questions. According to the police report, Taylor opened the door and said “she doesn’t like thieves, then she stated I could speak with her attorney and to get off her ‘precipice,’ before she slammed the door shut.”

Taylor was later arrested and charged with the purchase of a minor, which for some reason, is only a third-degree felony. Unless you’re a Prime member, then it includes free shipping.

Cover Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc (Getty Images)


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