Meanwhile on TikTok: Mom Receives Death Threats After Sexy Dancing in Front of Newborn, Finally TikTok Makes Sense

If you don’t want to be dragged for it, don’t put it on TikTok. That’s what a mom who went viral in the worst ways learned after posting a video of herself dancing next to her ill newborn in the hospital.

Her name is Whitney Leavitt and the 28-year-old mother of two shot the video as her son, Liam, received supplemental oxygen due to RSV, a respiratory condition.

Leavitt has since removed the controversial vid from TikTok but it still lives on Twitter and has over 4 million views there. In the clip, the happy-go-lucky Leavitt is seen jamming away to Kendrick Lamar’s “Love” in a hospital room while her son lies in a bassinet nearby with tubes up his nose.

By the second day in the hospital, the video had circulated the internet and it seemed everyone was coming for Leavitt, pitchforks raised.

“It was really bad, people were telling me to end my life, they wished my family would die,” she told Buzzfeed. “I felt like I had completely lost control to clear up the context of everything of why I made the video and the reason of what motivated me to make the video and I feel like people completely took it out of context.”

We’re on the side of there is no context for doing a happy dance while your kid is literally illin’, but Leavitt insists she was just trying to update followers on her little one’s condition, not busting out celebratory moves.

“Dancing and having captions answering a comment is in line with content I’ve always created,” she told Buzzfeed.

Yeah, well, some occasions just don’t need to be forever memorialized on TikTok. The bad news is Leavitt learned this the hard way. The good news is the baby’s fine.

Maybe “having a private life” could be the new TikTok trend in 2022…?

Cover Photo: Twitter/TikTok



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