Ranked! TSA’s 10 Most Hilariously Confusing Confiscated Items of 2021

Photo: leezsnow (Getty Images)

If you’ve flown since 2001, you know that the TSA doesn’t mess around. They’re fairly strict about the items you’re allowed to bring on a plane whether they’re in your carry-on or your check bag. While you can spend a few hours reading through all the TSA banned items, most of them are pretty much common sense. Still, this doesn’t stop some foolhardy (or just forgetful) and downright dangerous people from attempting to bring them on board.

While there are thousands of banned items removed from luggage on a daily basis, some are a little more noteworthy than others. Lucky for us, the TSA recently tweeted a video showing its “top 10 catches of 2021.” It’s not a list of the most commonly confiscated items, but it is the most head-scratching, strange, and ridiculous items. Keep scrolling to see all of the ridiculousness.