Weird News: TSA Finds ‘Like 20 Bags’ of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in Woman’s Luggage, Claims It’s Not Easy Being Cheesy

Recently, a woman named Emily Mei was stopped by TSA officers at the Los Angeles International Airport for having suspicious cargo in her luggage. But it was not drugs or weapons or weird sex toys that sparked the suspicion. It was “like 20 bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.” We don’t want to get political, but if we live in a world where an American citizen can’t even get through customs carrying copious amounts of her favorite snack food without being stopped, the terrorists have won. And so have the makers of Funyuns. In fact, we’re pretty sure they were behind this whole delicious debacle in the first place. Regardless, Mei, an Instagram influencer and snack aficionado, told USA Today that she had no nefarious intentions. She had so many bags in her luggage was because she was traveling to Korea and wanted to bring a “taste” of the U.S. to her friends there. TSA officials examined each and every delectable bag and found no cause for concern except, possibly, for the young woman’s internal organs.

Photo Credit: @emily.ghoul on Instagram

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