Meanwhile in Texas: Deranged Woman Climbs Into Zoo Cage to Feed Animals Cheetos, Video Shows Her Lucky Flamin’ Hot Ass Not Being Eaten Somehow

Photo: Instagram/@fitfamelpaso 

We’ve all been to a zoo before and seen a cute animal and wished we could climb into their enclosure and give them a big hug, a high five, or feed them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. But we don’t because not only are there rules forbidding it, but even though they’re in a zoo, they’re still wild animals. Taking a few steps into an enclosure can get you mauled, maimed, arrested, or at the very least fired from your job.

That’s exactly what happened recently at an El Paso, Texas zoo (including the Cheetos) when a woman with obvious thought-processing problems decided to climb into a monkey enclosure in an effort to feed the animals the aforementioned Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.


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Lucky for us, someone took a video of this bonehead as she climbed into the enclosure and then sat near a waterfall, throwing the spicy, cheery treats to the primates. After accomplishing her idiotic feat, she’s seen in the video walking back towards the camera before being helped out of the area.

The best part? Her stupidity ended up getting her fired when the law firm she worked for learned about his monkeying around at the zoo. She’s lucky that’s all the punishment she received as a zookeeper noted in local interviews that she’s “stupid and lucky” because, while adorable, spider monkeys can literally rip you limb from limb if they feel like it.

He also pointed out that, like all animals, the spider monkeys have specific dietary needs, and eating Cheetos of any kind (especially super spicy ones) can result in serious stomach issues. We’re just glad the monkeys are okay and (hopefully) she learned her lesson.