Kim Kardashian Posts ‘Single and Ready’ Workout Bikini Photo With Platinum Hair, It Doesn’t Make Sense and We Don’t Care

From her early days as a Hollywood party girl and club promoter to her most recent stints as an aspiring lawyer, Kim Kardashian has worn many hats over the years. But none has looked quite as inviting as the single-and-ready platinum blonde hairdo she’s currently sporting in her quest to find love after Kanye.

The Instagram post shows Kardashian mid-pull-up, clad in a swiss cheese black bikini, fiercely contemplating the future. The caption, nothing more than an enigmatic puzzle piece emoji, has fans bewildered. And many are taking to the world wide web to post theories about what it could all mean.

Illuminati conspiracies and secret symbols swearing off men aside, the answer might be a whole lot more straightforward. After a high-profile divorce from one of America’s most renowned eccentrics, and calling it a wrap on her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians after 20 mind-boggling seasons, it wouldn’t be surprising if the curvy entrepreneur herself is simply puzzled over what the future may hold.

See if you can solve the mystery below.


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The former personal assistant to Paris Hilton recently entered the billionaire boy’s club, so we’re guessing money won’t be the missing piece in her plans. We’d like to think the puzzle piece she’s waiting for is a good-hearted, down-to-earth guy who drives a four-year-old Hyundai.

Whatever the future holds for Kim Kardashian, we’re 100 percent sure there will be bikinis and toned abs there. And maybe, just maybe, a certain surprise guest.

Cover Photo: Instagram

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