10 Ridiculous Things Women (And Men) Are Willing to Do to Get a Shot With Newly Single Bill Gates

By now, you, like the rest of the world, have heard the news that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, his wife of 27 years, are getting divorced. The pair released a statement on their respective Twitter accounts earlier this week announcing the news.

The press, the internet, and social media all went wild when they heard that 65-year-old Gates (aka the fourth richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $124 billion) would soon be single again. Fans and foes of the Microsoft founder alike began to speculate about how far gold-diggers – of all sexual orientations and gender identities – would go to become his next spouse.

While Gates had no prenup with Melinda, he’s bound to be smarter if he gets hitched again, so the chances that anyone would cash in on a romantic relationship with the now full-time philanthropist are slim. But that doesn’t mean a broke-ass person can’t hope.

Here are the 10 ridiculous things men and women are willing to do to get a shot with the newly single Bill Gates.

Cover Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM / Contributor (Getty Images)

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