Pete Davidson Deletes New Instagram Account Within Days After Ye Fans Troll Hard, Welcome to Social Media Dude

Pete Davidson has a lot on his plate. Between SNL, a budding movie career, and a high-profile girlfriend, the king of Staten Island doesn’t have time for trolls. This might explain why he lit his Instagram account on fire just days after returning to the platform and finding Kanye’s troll army waiting in ambush.

That’s right. As if months of harassment from everyone’s favorite unhinged Chicagoan wasn’t bad enough, Davidson now apparently has to endure cheap shots from Kanye’s gang of social media goblins. All because he’s dating Kim Kardashian, who by the way, is free to make her own decisions about who she mutually goes outlet mall shopping and/or shares morning egg white omelets with.

The Instagram intimidation that sent Pete packing led to speculation that he’s in hiding after he skipped this week’s episode of SNL hosted by friend John Mulaney. Could it be that as a fellow Chicagoan, Mulaney was bound by hometown bonds to defend Ye’s honor, and thus pulled a scimitar on Davidson in the men’s room? Or is it more likely that Davidson was busy shooting his new movie The Home, which we all would have been aware of had he posted about it on Instagram?

Oh wait, he did. Before internet trolls reminded him why social media sometimes comes with more baggage than it’s worth.

Needless to say, Pete Davidson isn’t taking Kanye’s threats of violence too seriously (yet). Despite the rapper name-dropping him into recent bars on Donda2 and continuing to throw mud online, Davidson seems to be chilling. Because when you just want to kick it with your new girlfriend in matching velour bodysuits of mauve and eat Fruity Pebbles together in peace and quiet, you ignore the angry ex, shut off the noise machine and snuggle up.

Cover Photo: James Devaney (Getty Images)