Mandatory Kardashian Battles: Who Would Win in a Fight, Kanye v. Pete Davidson

So you’re a pacifist. We respect that. But that doesn’t mean you haven’t thought about…you know: What would happen in a fistfight between Kanye West and Pete Davidson?

While it’s childish to imagine what it would be like to pit two vastly different creatures against each other in the arena of battle (think bear v. shark), it’s time to honor our inner child by doing just that.

Using quantum computers equipped with the latest sports science, we’ve conjured a tale of the tape between a rap icon and a funnyman. Find out who will reign victorious below.

In the saga of Kardashian cage fights, these two modern lovers have gone the distance to prove their devotion. And while Davidson scored higher overall, our computer calculations had a surprising result. Printed out on a fortune-cookie sized slip of paper, the computer quantified this outcome: “Unless he gets a good roundhouse kick in with his third leg, Pete is losing this fight by decision.”

And there you have it, folks.

Winner: Kanye

Cover Photo: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin and Mega (Getty Images)