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Starbucks Workers Pit Kanye West Against Pete Davidson With Tip Jars, We Know Where Our Money’s Going

Kanye West and Pete Davidson are in an ongoing battle for Kim Kardashian’s heart. Kanye is being the creepy ex-husband while Pete seems to be killing her with kindness. Whose side are you on? No matter which celeb you stan, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

That’s what some clever Starbucks employees decided to do when they put out two tip jars: one for Kanye and one for Pete. In a now-viral TikTok video, drive-thru customers of the coffee chain are seen dropping their dolla dolla bills in Pete’s jar, while Kanye’s is kind of perishing with some coins and not much else.

Have a look:

@dejapoo00 starbuck workers getting clever #fyp #kanyewest #kimkardashian #petedavidson ♬ 5Star x Laybankz – THE TWIN

Even funnier was the comments section, where TikTokers were unafraid to share their thoughts on the matter.

“Puts entire bank acct on Pete,” one said.

“Pete all day, every day,” another cheered.

“The kanye one full of coins bc only 16 yr old boys side with him,” someone else observed.

“All the boys tipping Kanye would probably tip Chris Brown too,” a smart man wrote.

We know where we’d put our money. After all, there’s really only one right answer here — and it rhymes with “Skete.”

Cover Photo: TikTok



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