Meanwhile in Miami: Kanye Joins Floyd Mayweather on Stage For Karaoke After Mistaking Him For Taylor Swift

Kanye West hasn’t alienated everyone – at least, not yet. Despite his penchant for lengthy internet rants, the born-again rapper still has a few friends left.

We know because Ye and Donda Sports collaborator Antonio Brown attended one of boxer Floyd Mayweather’s birthday events in Miami recently. The three amigos, along with Aaron Donald, apparently indulged in a round of karaoke at David Grutman’s Sushi Fly Chicken. Their tune of choice? “Where I Wanna Be” by Donnell Jones.

We’re truly shocked he didn’t go for one of Taylor Swift’s many earworms, especially given her catalog of breakup anthems.

Ye posted footage of the sing-along on his Instagram, but given his mercurial nature on social media lately, we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s no longer there. In fact, the only things left on Yeezus’ Insta are promotional posts for his Stem Player, pics from his Gap collaboration line, and a screenshot boasting that he ran “Skeet” (aka Pete Davidson) off Instagram.

Oh, Kanye. We don’t know what’s cringey-er. The way you’re hating on Davidson, the stalking of your ex-wife, or karaoke with the boys.

Screenshot: TMZ