Mayweather And Justin Bieber Broke Up


Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was one of the greatest romances of this decade, but Bieber is in a relationship with Jesus now, and Jesus doesn’t like when you’re spending money on strip clubs when you can be throwing money at him. Apparently, the people at Hillsong Church have been “counseling” Bieber, which is church talk for “separating you from your friends and family”. Mayweather hasn’t taken it well. Type “amen”.

We’re told church pastors did not single out Floyd as a bad influence, but Justin decided on his own he needed some distance. Our sources say Justin didn’t want a clean break from Floyd, he just wanted to “reset boundaries” … walling himself off from things like Floyd’s obsession with strip clubs. Justin unfollowed Floyd on Instagram as part of the resetting of boundaries, and our sources say Floyd went “insane, nuclear.” He lashed out at Justin, called him a “traitor” because Floyd had stuck with Justin during his meltdown when everyone was attacking Bieber. Sources connected with Floyd say the boxer continues to be incensed at Justin … screaming incensed.

So, two things can happen here. They makeup, or Mayweather looks at Conor McGregor and see’s Bieber’s face then McGregor has to eat through a straw from the rest of his life and becomes a famous artist who paints with his left foot.  In the last instance, people can legitimately say Jesus was responsible.